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DAR AL OMRAN is a multidisciplinary consulting firm, with distinguished position in the planning, studies and designs of local, regional and international development projects whether urban, buildings, or infrastructure. As a consultant with accumulated experience, the Firm possesses the required professionals with technical and managerial qualifications to offer Clients trusted advice and innovative solutions that meet their needs and expectations.

DAR AL OMRAN’s vision is to maintain its position as a leading consulting firm across the region with creative designs that are inspired by nature and guided by culture.

DAR AL OMRAN’s mission is to deliver its consulting services in the Arab and MENA region, with sustainable solutions that are assessed by sense, designed by challenge, and delivered with excellence.

DAR AL OMRAN was established in 1979 as a partnership between the Civil Engineer Laith Shubeilat and the Architect Dr. Rasem Badran under the name of Shubeilat Badran Associates. In 1990, Civil Engineer Anas Sinno, with more than two decades of regional experience in the construction industry, joined the partnership and took leadership of the Firm renamed DAR AL OMRAN. Ever since, DAR AL OMRAN grew as a multidisciplinary consulting firm, across several regional markets through its subsidiaries and branches.

Arising from the Firm’s approach and Dr. Rasem Badran’s belief that the goal of an integrated architectural and engineering design is towards achieving a level of humanity and sensitivity to the living environment, DAR AL OMRAN’s professional team allocates its extensive knowledge and technical research towards inspiring outstanding living models and paradigms, that interact with the local culture and environment, while enriching their value and solidifying their sense of belonging to the place.

Sharing deep-rooted values and strong commitments with owners and employees alike, DAR AL OMRAN maintains qualified individuals, with visible professionalism in their work, thriving to enrich their technical knowledge and experiences.

Believing that ethics form the moral framework of the practice, the Firm’s employees reach out to a transparent communication and good relation with Clients while ensuring diligence and dedication that meet their requirements and expectations

Being a pioneer in its field, DAR AL OMRAN is always keen to maintain significant accreditation, that helps to ensure work quality and accuracy through all projects, by following local, regional and international standards as required.

DAR AL OMRAN is classified as First Class Grade A Consultant by the Jordanian Government Tender Committee (GTD), the Firm is a member of the Jordanian Engineering Association (JEA), A/E Business Council, Arab Association of Consulting Firms (AACF), and Federation of Consultants for Islamic Countries (FCIC).

DAR AL OMRAN is registered and recognized as a regional multidisciplinary consultant firm with several Arab and International funding agencies operating in the Arab World. Namely the World Bank, UNDP, UNICEF, UNHABITAT, USAID, Inter America Bank, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, Islamic Development Bank, The Saudi Fund for Development as well as Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development, Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development, and the Arab Bank for Development in Africa (BADEA).