Marina Boathouse Project



Client : Private Department for Sheikh Mohammad Bin Khalid Al-Nahyan

Location: Abu Dhabi - UAE

Services Provided: Design Competition

Total Built-up Area: 84,420 m2

Construction Cost: US $ 150,000,000

Starting Date: 2008

Completion Date: 2008



Project Description:


The Marina Boathouse design competition provided a design that emerged from creating a unique environment that combines the secrets of the sea with the mysteries of the desert in an outstanding and mesmerizing contemporary style through the use of modern technology, water elements and landscapes that blend in with the general formation of the project.


The boat marina, aquarium and the underwater glass front with the beautiful fountains, along with the Glass Bridge and swimming pools on the roof, portray the sea aspect of the project, while the 5-star hotel along with a mall, a shopping centre, residential flats, restaurants and external plazas represent the desert aspect.