While maintaining cultural and environmental aspects of the place and its surrounding, and empowering architects and engineers with new creative ideas and concepts, DAR AL OMRAN’s diverse team of qualified planning consultants enhance the designs to achieve a unique comprehensive building experience.

Inspiring visitors; with a distinguished experience, while engaging them in a complete collective journey through museums, cultural, educational and historical centers of impressive character and feel that is only recognized as DAR AL OMRAN creative architecture masterpieces.





    The Royal Academy for Islamic Civilization Research


    Client: Al-Albait Foundation

    Location : Amman - Jordan

    Services Provided: Design Competition

    Total Built-up Area: 20,300 m2

    Construction Cost: US $ 8,000,000

    Starting Date: 1984

    Completion Date: 1985



    Project Description:


    Located on a hillside of Amman overlooking the Hashemite Palace, this project is intended as a cultural and research centre, and the permanent premises for the Royal Academy for Islamic Civilization Research (Al-Albait Foundation). It includes a mosque, museum, exhibition, conference hall, festival hall, library with a computer center and audio visual facilities, printing press, and a restaurant as well as administrative facilities. It is a distinguished monument of Islamic art and a living witness to the genuine Islamic Civilization. The project is inspired by the Islamic architecture and echoing the images of hilly Arab cities such as Salt and Amman, with massive walls recalling those of Jerusalem with internal courtyards and gardens.



    The Space and Science Oasis Museum


    Client: Riyadh Development Authority

    Location: Al-Riyadh - Saudi Arabia

    Services Provided: Design Competition, Design

    Total Built-up Area: 104,000m2

    Construction Cost: US $ 200,000,000

    Starting Date: 1989

    Completion Date: 1991



    Project Description:


    In collaboration with Dr. Abdel Halim Ibrahim from the Community Design Collaboration in Cairo, The Space and Science Oasis Museum has won the first prize in an international design competition and was inspired in an attempt to symbolize Muslims' contribution in Astrology in the past, and to address the critical role of the cosmological changes in using technology within the development of the traditional architecture.

    Aiming to express the relationship of the physical appearance of the architectural building with the planetary movements, the museum galleries are organized as a circle around a large elevated sphere that is placed on a triangular pedestal reminiscent of the Mogul sundials, which were built in India in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries.



    National Museum of Archaeology


    Client: Government of Jordan

    Location: Amman - Jordan

    Services Provided: Design Competition

    Total Built-up Area: 7,000 m2

    Construction Cost: US $ 9,000,000

    Starting Date: 1989

    Completion Date: 1990



    Project Description:


    Historical patterns can be traced through the preserved sites of Amman such as the Roman Theater. The main concept of the project is to provide an urban center that reflects the historical contents of the city as well as enriching its cultural diversity. The project provides the basis for ongoing intellectual discourse for the area. The museum is divided into three sections: the artifact and exhibition section, research, publication and education center, and the operations support section. The project also includes several public plazas and landscaped recreation areas that provide an ideal setting for public and cultural events. The architectural image reflects the heritage of the region, while blending with the organic nature of the site



    Jordan Pavilion - Expo. 92


    Client: Ministry of Tourism

    Location: Seville - Spain

    Services Provided: Interior Design & Supervision

    Total Built-up Area: 300m2

    Construction Cost: US $ 300,000

    Starting Date: 1991 Design - 1991 Supervision

    Completion Date: 1991 Design - 1992 Supervision


    Project Description:


    The Jordan Pavilion in the Seville Expo, the interior/ exhibition design of the pavilions was based on the chronological registration of cultures that shared the land of Jordan. This setup is achieved through a merge between photography and architecture in order to create a sense of place instead of a space-container. The visitor is led through a short passage replicating the siq of Petra, with a model of al-Khazna (Nabataean). The ground floor consists of a reception area, a representation of Qusayr Amra (Umayyad Hammam), Salt region that exhibits traditional crafts and costumes, and a niche for the contemporary Hashemite of Jordan. The second floor consists of offices, waiting area, reception, and a V.I.P. lounge.



    King Abdul Aziz Historic Center


    Client: Riyadh Develop Authority

    Location: Al-Riyadh - Saudi Arabia

    Services Provided: Design Competition, Design & Architectural Supervision

    Total Built-up Area: 13,000 m2 (first part only)

    Construction Cost: US $ 25,000,000

    Starting Date: 1996 Design - 1997 Supervision

    Completion Date: 1997 Design - 1999 Supervision



    Project Description:


    Inspired by the architectural heritage of Najd, King Abdul Aziz Historic Center beautifully combines the historical characteristics and traditional features of the old buildings with a sense of modernity, while considering all valuable and natural aspects of the site.

    The complex consists of three main segments including Al-Darat building, Al-Murabba Palace and the Museum of Islamic Heritage and Science, along with King Abdul Aziz Mosque, which are all clustered into a traditional urban fabric of courtyards and narrow alleys.



    Museum of Islamic Arts


    Client: Special Projects Office/ State of Qatar

    Location: Doha - Qatar

    Services Provided: Design Competition, Design

    Total Built-up Area: 85,000m2

    Construction Cost: US $ 140,000,000

    Starting Date: 1997

    Completion Date: 1999



    Project Description:


    Awarded first place in the international architectural design competition of the Museum of Islamic Art in Qatar, which top international architects also participated, In late twentieth century, the design concept combined integration with the surrounding urban fabric with its cultural and architectural orientations and its contemporary intellectual composition and function. The design expressed the concept of the Arab city in a dynamic way, celebrating heritage in an innovative futuristic vision

    This impeccable 116,000 m2 cultural facility houses various components such as a public reception, a seminar center, auditorium, school, library, a VIP Majlis and exhibition galleries to showcase unique collections of Islamic art in addition to didactic and temporary exhibition galleries. The outstanding interior design was created by Event Communications in the UK.


  • 1999-AL-AIN MUSEUM

    Al-Ain Museum


    Client: The Municipality and Town Planning Dept.

    Location: Al-Ain- United Arab Emirates

    Services Provided: Design Competition

    Total Built-up Area: 24,300 m2

    Construction Cost: US $ 31,500,000

    Starting Date: 1999

    Completion Date: 1999



    Project Description:


    The design of the international architectural competition of Al-Ain Museum emerged from surroundings of the site where the new museum is adjacent to an ancient castle located within a garden like setting. The architectural formation adopted the creation of an architectural composition that forms an urban environment highlighting the architectural heritage of the site and integrating it through the architectural configuration of the site, and connecting them through the visual and physical axis through the gardens.

    The architectural design of the building was performed in a simple yet innovative manner, using stone cladding to differentiate it from the traditional Fort with its mud wall appearance, while respecting the heights of these walls to avoid competition with the main buildings, and the various exhibition and functional elements were designed to be descended eight meters below the building.



    Jordan University of Science & Technology Lecture Halls Complex


    Client: Jordan University of Science & Technology

    Location: Irbid - Jordan

    Services provided: Design & Supervision

    Total Built-up Area: 3,500 m2

    Construction Cost: US $ 2,720,000

    Starting Date: 1999 Design - 2003 Supervision

    Completion Date: 2000 Design - 2006 Supervision


    Project Description:


    This building forms one quadrant of the Central Forum of the Social Spine and performs as an integral part of the adjacent Central Library. Anticipated to be the nucleus for the future computer center serving the whole campus, this complex consists of 10 lecture halls, 4 computer labs, administrative offices and 250 seats auditorium. The architectural composition creates a series of inner spaces enclosed between the Forum arcade and the building, intended as outdoor spaces for students’ activities and social interaction. The architectural character reflects simple contemporary expression with references to traditional architectural vocabulary.



    Women's Social Centre


    Client: Rakaa Company

    Location: Riyadh - Saudi Arabia

    Services Provided: Concept Design

    Starting Date: 2003

    Completion Date: 2003



    Al Waha Sundial


    Client: Dubai International Financial Centre

    Location: Dubai - United Arab Emirates

    Services Provided: Design Competition

    Total Built-up Area: 20,000 m2

    Construction Cost: US $ 32,000,000

    Starting Date: 2006

    Completion Date: 2006


    Project Description:


    Creating a vibrant meeting place of local, regional, national, and international importance, Al Waha Sundial aspires to be the most compelling and desirable destination for those who live, work, travel or spend their time in urban Dubai.

    The project’s design expresses the significance of Dubai as a major global centre for finance, trade, transportation, and events, as well as providing a year round urban venue for celebration and community use. The building is considered a representative of contemporary culture of Dubai, conveying this in the form of a fresh and memorable design locally as well as globally.



    The Centre of Shiekh Zayed Mosque Competition

    Client: Ministry of Presidential Affairs - UAE

    Location: Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates

    Services Provided: Design Competition

    Total Built-up Area: (OP1) 7,050 m² - (OP2) 6,092 m²

    Construction Cost: (OP1) US $18,280,000 - (OP2) US $ 25,840,000

    Starting Date: 2010

    Completion Date: 2010



    Project Description:


    Considered a supporting facility for the grand mosque, the Center of Shiekh Zayed Mosque design provides the services, arranges the grand mosque tours and provides information about the mosque’s concepts and materials. Through the two design options, the final image of the Center would form a prestigious and solid interactive wall at the entrance of the project, with a modern building behind this wall that merges with the original existing landscape. The architectural Center would look as if it is originally part of such a majestic construction, consisting of a museum and lecture halls, along with shops and cafés, in addition to administrative facilities.



    Princess Sarah Bint Ahmad Al Sudairy Center for Feminine Research


    Client: Al-Riyadh Development Authority

    Location: Al-Riyadh - Saudi Arabia

    Services Provided: Design and Working Drawings

    Total Built-up Area: 6,557 m2

    Construction Cost: US $ 12,800,000

    Starting Date: 2010

    Completion Date: 2011



    Project Description:


    The site dedicated to this project is adjacent to the Daret King Abdul Aziz and the modern museums, within the area of the King Abdul Aziz Historical zone has had a significant impact on the design of this project, the design was inspired from the architectural heritage of the city of Riyadh, where the Princess Sarah Bint Ahmad Al Sudairy Center for Feminine Research blends tradition with use of modern technology in construction, this project was established to preserve the documents and manuscripts related to Saudi women and their research.

    Located in King Abdul Aziz district of Riyadh, the project consists of three floors; basement, ground floor and first floor, with towers and stone walls surrounding its facilities, giving the place the desired privacy since it is mainly frequented by women, and creating a shade in the outdoor court that is centered with a fountain, where the unique design and transparency of this project allowed for blending the landscape with the physical fabric of the buildings.



    Al Madiana Exhibitions

    Client: Al Madina Regional municipality

    Location: Al Madina Al Munawwara /KSA

    Services Provided: All Stages

    Total Built up Area: 7,050 m²

    Construction Cost: 16 ,000 US $

    Starting Date: October 2012

    Completion Date: April 2013


    Project Description:


    The idea of ​​the project is based on the architectural language of the old city of AL Medina Al Munawwara. Through urban spaces ,boundary walls and towers, and have been devising the exterior facades of the project  from the houses of the city as well, Wooden mashrabiyya been used to emphasize the tradition of the city, the old shape of wooden windows and doors been used as well. The project divided into three areas or layers the first one is the tradition boundary walls , the second layer is the plazas , green areas and gathering zones the last one is the exhibition areas .



    Al Qassim and Northern Borders Province Museum (RFP)


    Client: Saudi Commission for Tourism & Antiquities

    Location: Al Qassim & Northern Borders Province - Saudi Arabia

    Services Provided: Design Competition

    Total Built-up Area: 8,650 m2

    Construction Cost: US $ 18,453,333

    Starting Date: 2012

    Completion Date: 2012



    Project Description:


    Saudi Commission for Tourism & Antiquities intend to create two landmark museums that reflect the local heritage and archaeological elements & styles, at the same time providing the local society touristic, entertaining & educating spaces in one project.

    The museums architectural image & functions are reflecting the cultural & civilization harmony on different levels first by abstracting the local architectural vocabulary & elements -to create a continuous environment that are familiar with its surrounding and urban fabric- second by ordering the museums showrooms according to its historical sequence. This ordering enhances the visitors to discover the story of the city and getting interacted with the displayed elements.

    On the other hand these museums give the chance to educate the visitors with different ages by allocate special workshops & lecture rooms and consider it as a research Centre.



    Dubai Cultural Village Phase 3


    Location: Dubai - UAE

    Client: Dubai Properties

    Plot Size: 500,000 m2

    Built-Up Area: 966,000 m2

    Starting Date: 2012

    Services Provided: Master Planning & Urban Design


    Project Description:


    The Cultural Village - Phase 3 is a unique mix-use development with multiple destinations on waterfront aiming to lay down a world class and efficient development related to art, culture and entertainment industry services.

    Dubai Culture Village is a prestigious project located in the prime culturally rich and scenic Ras Al Khor district of Jaddaf. It is situated on the significant Ras Al khor Dubai’s Creek banks between Rashid bin Saeed Crossing and Dubai Healthcare Village Phase 2. The site lies within proximity to the old downtown Deira and the new Business Bay District. The Cultural Village is envisaged to become a distinct mixed use development that will house an art hub for the city of Dubai marking a significant landmark on the cultural world map




    Client : Ministry of Culture

    Location : Manama-Al-Bahrain

    Services Provided : Design Competition

    Total Built-up Area : 45,000 m²

    Starting Date : 2012

    Completion Date : 2012



    Project Description:


    Bab Al Bahrain Square has gradually transformed into parking lots. However, due to the historical importance and its central location, it has potential of becoming a vibrant public square; located at the entrance of the Manama market it has the advantage of enhancing the feel of belonging within the urban context.

    The proposed design for the competition enhances the urban, historical and functional values, through the revival of the relationship with the sea, where the design proposes a viable square that is linked to the changes in the patterns of life in the Arab world, in addition to providing practical solutions for traffic and car parking that can be located below the square, and through moving the existing post office building, and providing new activities within the square.






    Location: Al-Madinah Al-Munawwarha - KSA

    Client: Madinah Development Authority

    Plot Size: 3 sites, each site size is 350,000 m2

    Built-Up Area: 15,000 m2

    Construction Cost: each site construction cost is 36,500,000 JOD

    Starting Date: March 2013

    Completion Date: October 2014

    Services Provided: Architectural and Engineering Design


    Project Description:


    The design aims to place the visitors in a unique and unforgettable experience while approaching and entering the site. The visitors face contradictory sense, which ends by the pleasant and calming oasis, The Madinah Gate.

    This project is set on a distinctive location three different roads; Mekkah Road, Al-Qassem Road, and Tabouk Road. The buildings include different functionalities; therefore, you would find offices for governmental authorities, shops, restaurants, Mosque and parking




    Location: Ramallha - Palestine

    Client: Amara Architects

    Plot Size: 12,000 m2

    Built-Up Area: 19,000 m2

    Construction Cost: 9,000,000 JOD

    Starting Date: August 2015

    Completion Date: October 2015

    Services Provided: Design Review


    Project Description:


    A tent-like structure shimmering on the hillside of Ramallah. The Ramallah National Exhibition Centre stands apart from the confetti of bright white apartment blocks that sprawl across the surrounding slopes.

    The topography of the site imposed a great challenge on the design of the exhibition; DAR AL OMRAN provided Design Review services to assist Amara Architects in developing a design that promotes uninterrupted halls with large spans for maximum exhibition flexibility, as well as efficiency in the overall structure of the building.

    From this, the tent-like tensile structure evolved, reducing the overall build-up area of the exhibition by 4000 m2 and creating a triple volume exhibition height that stands freely without the use of any additional structural elements


    KATARA LAGOON & BRIDGE Competition


    Location: Doha – Qatar

    Client: Katara Cultural Village

    Plot Size: 288,000 m2

    Built- Up Area: 25,000 m2

    Construction Cost: 201,612,000 USD

    Starting Date: 2015

    Completion Date: 2015

    Services Provided: Urban & Architectural Design


    Project Design:


    Inspired by the bridges of Isfahan, the award winning Katara Lagoon and Bridge Project aims to create a modern interpretation of these bridges taking into account the surrounding context of Doha, creating a memorable landmark that attracts families and individuals of multi-cultural backgrounds to a unique waterfront experience.

    The project also features a waterfront promenade that creates a breathing urban space for the cultural village and the city as a whole, a series of sequential gardens, and a confined area directly in front of the promenade designed to host many cultural events such as the traditional boat festival.

    Sustainability is a key factor in the design of this project where ‘Crystal Logoon’ technology is used to treat the northern zone. This resulted in the preservation of water from becoming contaminated and reducing the evaporation rate of water by more than 60%.





    Location: Al Madinah Al Munawarah – KSA

    Client: Al-Madinah Development Authority

    Plot Size: 30,479 m2

    Built-Up Area: 11,310 m2

    Construction Cost: 278,000,000 SAR

    Starting Date: 2016

    Completion Date: 2018

    Affiliation: Reich & Petch

    Services Provided: Architectural, Engineering & Interior Design


    Project Description:


    The project, as a welcome center for Madinah, is a cultural landmark that reflects the aspirations of the Madinah Development Authority to highlight the welcoming and hospitality aspects that characterized Madinah in receiving its visitors over the ages and providing visitors with audio, visual and interactive experiences on the history and landmarks of Medina. The project is located to the northeast of Al Madinah Al Munawwarah and to the southeast of Prince Mohammed Bin Abdul Aziz Airport, near Wadi Al Aqool, on an area of ​​30,479 m2 and overlooking the King Salman Bin Abdul Aziz Road, with a width of 100m to the west, 40m. From the north and east, the site divides land divisions.

    The project consists of a four-storey building that includes a hotel overlooking a series of squares, gardens and outdoor exhibition areas with a total building area of ​​about 11,310 m2




    Location: Aqaba- Jordan

    Client: Aqaba Development Corporation (ADC)

    Plot Size: 43,834 m2

    Construction Cost: 4,315,000 JOD

    Starting Date: September 2016

    Completion Date: October 2017

    Services Provided: Master Planning, Architectural & Engineering Design


    Project Description:


    The Client Aqaba Development Company; is requesting from Dar Al Moran to carry out the design consultancy services for the Touristic Railway Station in Aqaba, Jordan. Basis of proposal and project understanding: Touristic Railway Station, which consists of two main packages the design of main building for conveyance passengers, with Ottoman Design. To prepare studies and design for the main street, which reach to railway. Admin building for "Train Station” that consists of: Administration offices, Security offices, Waiting hall, cafe, prayer room...etc. The design of commercial building, with Ottoman Design, the design of service road with length 1500 m.




    Location: IRAQ- Mosul

    Client: UNDP

    Plot Size: 7,765 m²

    Built-Up Area: 4,625 m²

    Construction Cost: 4,000,000 USD

    Starting Date: January, 2019

    Completion Date: February, 2019

    Services Provided: A/E Design

    Market Sectors: Cultural


    Project Description:


    The University Hall is located in Mosul University. The total area consists of 4,625 m2 including the main hall and its facilities. The University Hall includes many facilities to serve various activities in the University. The main hall, service rooms, administration, publishing room, mass media room, actor’s rooms and dressing rooms were all burned.

    The Great hall is the largest in the University of Mosul, it can accommodate (1,550) people and consists of a central hall containing (1,070) seats and three halls connected with the central hall each containing (160) seats for a total of (1,550) seats. The architectural design of these three halls can be separated from each other and from the main hall or assembled simultaneously so that conferences and secondary lectures can be held at the same time in four separated halls.





    Location: Iraq- Ninewa

    Client: UNDP

    Plot Size: 2,500 m2

    Built-Up Area: 2,356 m2

    Construction Cost: 2,800,000 USD

    Starting Date: January 2019

    Completion Date: February 2019

    Services Provided: Architecture & Engineering Design


    Project Description:


    The hall was established on 1972 and composed of three floor building of total area around (2,000) square meter . The building and its services were all burned.

    The existing building is composed a site with a concrete of length around (62) meter and average width around (36) meter.

    Theatre Hall can accommodate (950) users and consists of a central hall in the ground and first floor containing (725) seats and (225) seats in the second floor. The ground floor of the building consists of the main entrance and the lobby. Ticketing, cafeteria, water cell units, generator room, guard room & services, mechanical, electrical and maintenance rooms, as well as the main hall of the theatre, accessed from two main entrances from the lobby and two unroofed open side entrances from left side, one to the middle of hall another in the end.