Intelligent and suitable architectural solutions are maintained through closer understanding of the needs and ideas of faculty and operational requirements of administrators. DAR AL OMRAN’s qualified team are committed to adopt and emulate the Clients' vision, providing efficient and functional buildings and  facilities, through extensive research incorporating the latest process and technologies.

The Firm’s background has delivered a large portfolio extending over 35 years in integrated educational projects, including schools of different types, interdisciplinary universities and other educational facilities. It seeks to reflect the Clients’ goals of providing a brighter atmosphere and successful future for its students.





    Al- Manhal School


    Client: Al-Manhal Educational Est.

    Location: Amman - Jordan

    Services Provided: Design & Supervision

    Total Built-up Area: 22,000 m2 (6 Stages)

    Construction Cost: US $ 5,000,000

    Starting Date: 1982 Design - 1983 Supervision

    Completion Date: 1983 Design - 1990 Supervision



    Project Description:


    Manhal School is considered a model of an integrated urban element; the school was constructed in six stages, where each stage reflects the architectural character of the school as well as the regional differences, to meet the needs of students and their families through a scientific advanced and entertaining education.

    Serving the surrounding residential neighbourhood by housing all grade levels from kindergarten to secondary level school (41 Classrooms) , the project consists of several buildings linked together through several courtyards, arcades and bridges, and contains all the functions of a modern educational system including nursery school classrooms, laboratories, central library, children's library, lecture halls, administration offices and other facilities such as a sports centre, playgrounds and theatre, in an attempt to meet all students’ requirements.




    Applied Sciences University


    Client: International Arab Cooperation for Education and Investment

    Location: Amman - Jordan

    Services Provided: Design & Supervision

    Total Built-up Area: 30,000 m2 (stage 1)

    Construction Cost: US $ 15,000,000

    Starting Date: 1989 Design - 1991 Supervision

    Completion Date: 1991 Design - 1993 Supervision


    Project Description:


    Having won the first prize in a local architectural competition, the Applied Sciences University's design was inspired to reflect the local and regional cultural heritage while maintaining a contemporary image blending in modern technology.

    The campus houses the Engineering Faculty, as well as another fourteen faculties, in addition to the administration building, a multi-purpose building, laboratories, lecture halls, and a central library, and also includes clinics, banks, workshops, a post office, commercial storage facilities, and students' accommodation buildings. The infrastructure of the university also included the design of parking areas, where all the University's buildings are surrounded by landscaped areas, gardens and four fields.



    Al Omariyah School


    Client: Al Omariyah School Company

    Location: Amman - Jordan

    Services Provided: Design & Supervision

    Total Built-up Area: 22,000 m2

    Construction Cost: US $ 5,000,000

    Starting Date: 1990 Design - 1990 Supervision

    Completion Date: 1990 Design - 1992 Supervision



    Project Description:


    With a vision to provide the appropriate environment and facilities for students and faculty members alike, Al Omariyah School was designed within a contemporary style while respecting the traditional aspect of the place by carefully applying stone and plaster on the external elevations to create balance.

    The building consists of four floors; a basement floor for parking, bookstores, and building services, a ground floor that includes laboratories, halls, computer rooms, a library, technical and cultural workshops, and two floors for classrooms and administration offices.



    Girls University


    Client: Jordan University for Girls

    Location: Amman - Jordan

    Services Provided: A/E Design

    Total Built-Up Area: 16,000m2

    Construction Cost: 15,000,000

    Starting Date: 1990

    Completion Date: 1990



    Modern Arab School

    (57 Classrooms)


    Client: Modern Arab Company for Private Education

    Location: Amman - Jordan

    Services Provided: Design & Supervision

    Total Built-up Area: 5,100 m2 (Stage 1) - 8,500 m2 (Stage 2)

    Construction Cost: US $ 6,000,000

    Starting Date: 1993 Design - 1994 Supervision

    Completion Date: 1994 Design - 1997 Supervision

    J.V: Jafar Toukan Associates



    Project Description:


    The design emerged from the school’s historical importance as an educational and academic institution serving the development of the local community; this was adapted through the use of principles from traditional architecture consistent with the role of distributing facilities of the school, with use of ​​internal courtyards and gates.

    The School building process was divided into two stages; the first comprised of the kindergarten building, such as playgrounds and their complementary services in addition to a two-story building for the elementary school with its courtyards and parking spaces. The second stage consisted of preparatory and secondary school buildings including the halls, classrooms, and administration offices along with adjacent amenities, including a sports centre, a swimming pool, a theatre hall, as well as onsite parking.


    Abha - Girls University


    Client: Ministry of Higher Education

    Location: Abha - Saudi Arabia

    Services Provided: Design Competition

    Total Built-up Area: 40,000 m2

    Construction Cost: US $ 55,000,000

    Starting Date: 1995

    Completion Date: 1995


    Project Description:


    The project won the first prize in an architectural competition in joint venture with Community Design Collaborative, Cairo. The design concept is based on creating a hierarchy of clustered buildings with internal courtyards to provide a suitable educational and recreational atmosphere. Buildings are situated on different levels stepping with the natural slope of the site. The project consists of complete university facilities including a faculty of science, a faculty of humanities, a library, a post graduate faculty, a computer center, in addition to clinics, student activities, lecture halls, services, restaurant, dormitories, mosque, security residence, theater, indoor sports center, and an educational training center.



    AL-Yarmouk University Central Library


    Client: Al - Yarmouk University

    Location: Irbid - Jordan

    Services Provided: Design & Supervision

    Total Built-up Area: 17,500 m2

    Construction Cost: US $ 6,700,000

    Starting Date: 1997 Design - 1999 Supervision

    Completion Date: 1998 Design - 2002 Supervision



    Project Description:



    Offering a unique educational space through a distinctive architectural design that interacts with its urban and educational surroundings, Al-Yarmouk University Central Library is inspired to house all the information technologies as the core knowledge of bibliographical, audio visual materials and electronic information and more which help students and knowledge seekers with their future development.

    The extension complements the old library, where the new building reflects the unique design of a focal educational point, this project is fully equipped with all the needed facilities and functions such as lecture and exhibition halls, seminar rooms, administration offices in addition to data processing and technical services, it also provides 3000 seats and can hold up to 600,000 volumes.



    Shukre Sha'sha'a Boys School


    Client: Ministry of Education

    Location: Amman - Jordan

    Services Provided: Design and Supervision

    Total Built-up Area: 6,000m2

    Construction Cost: US $ 900,000

    Starting Date: 1998 Design - 2000 Supervision

    Completion Date: 1999 Design - 2002 Supervision



    Jordan University of Science & Technology Central Library


    Client: Jordan University of Science & Technology

    Location: Irbid - Jordan

    Services Provided: Design & Supervision

    Total Built-up Area: 31,655 m2

    Construction Cost: US $ 21,580,000

    Starting Date: 1999 Design - 2003 Supervision

    Completion Date: 2000 Design - 2006 Supervision


    Project Description:


    Through the use of expressive elements, materials and details that are blended within the culture of the place, Jordan University of Science and Technology Central Library was part of the first phase of the master plan for the University's vital social spine, with its architectural building design that serves as a hub for knowledge containing bibliographic, audio and visual materials, in addition to electronic information all under one roof.

    Equipped with up-to-date facilities that are able to meet future demands, the library can hold 300,000 stacks of volumes and 2,500 seats, in addition to lecture and exhibition halls along with seminar rooms that are built in a separate but integral building, forming two quadrants of the central forum.



    Prototype Schools

    (12-24 Classrooms)


    Client: Ministry of Education & Youth/UAE

    Location: Various Locations in United Arab Emirates

    Services Provided: Design Competition

    Total Built-up Area: 6,500 – 8,750 m2

    Construction Cost: US $ 3,800,000 - 4,600,000

    Starting Date: 1999

    Completion Date: 1999


    Project Description:


    The project offers a comprehensive formula in which all three dimensions (educational, academic, and social) interact to create a coherent group of spatial events with emphasis on modularity and flexibility. The main objective is to provide all the required services within a creative setting, without isolating the students from the surrounding society. This approach helps to integrate students with real life, and provides the opportunity to achieve the desired educational objectives. The architectural image is inspired by local traditional architecture with features such as arcades and internal garden courtyards.


  • 1999-J.U.S.T - SOCIAL SPINE

    Jordan University of Science and Technology Social Spine


    Client: Jordan University of Science and Technology

    Location: Irbid - Jordan

    Services Provided: Design

    Total Built-up Area: 23,500 m2

    Construction Cost: US $ 14,300,000

    Starting Date: 1999

    Completion Date: 2001



    Project Description:


    Being inspired by the original design of the campus by Kenzo Tange, the Jordan University of Science and Technology Social Spine used the axial principles, in addition to adopting the social gathering to reflect the urban environment with emphasis on providing each building with its own identity while maintaining the overall interconnection within the urban spaces.

    The entire campus of the University comprises of a central students forum, a central library in addition to the lecture halls complex, admissions and registration building, deanship and student activities buildings, as well as the president's office and the administration building along with several student amenities buildings.





    Client  : Al-Hudaidah University

    Location  : Al-Hudaidah-Yemen

    Services Provided  : Design

    Total Site Area  :1,162,000m²

    Total Built up Area:432,000m²

    Construction Cost  : US $ 218,000,000

    Starting Date  : 1999

    Completion Date : 2001



    Project Description:



    Located on the coastal edge of the Yemeni city of Al-Hudaidah, this University campus is envisaged as an educational center for the western region of Yemen. The urban concept design of this project is based on creating a hierarchy of clustered buildings with internal courtyards using the traditional city of Zabid as a reference model. The project consists of administration building, student’s activity center, library, hospital, mosque, dormitories, stadium, and colleges of science and literature. The architectural image of the project is inspired by the architectural traditions of the region and in particular the rich heritage of Zabid.



    Al-Hussain Bin Talal University


    Client: Al-Hussain Bin Talal University

    Location: Ma'an - Jordan

    Services Provided: Design

    Total Built-up Area: 196,500 m2

    Construction Cost: US $ 117,000,000

    Starting Date: 2001

    Completion Date: 2002



    Project Description:


    The university campus is located 5 km north of the city of Ma’an, and is intended to serve as an educational center for the southern part of Jordan. The design concept is based on creating a hierarchy of clustered buildings or neighborhoods with internal courtyards. Locations of buildings were determined based on the general analysis of the site (topography, climatic, ecology, and social). The project consists of headquarters building, administration buildings, seven colleges of arts and science, library, a central restaurant, a cafeteria, a medical center, a sports hall and stadium, in addition to dormitory for female students and faculty housing. The project image is inspired by the architectural tradition of the region and in particular, the rich heritage of Ma’an.



    Al-Hudaidah University Central Library


    Client: Hudaidah University

    Location: Hudaidah - Yemen

    Services Provided: Design

    Total Built-up Area: 6,600 m2

    Construction Cost: US $ 3,000,000

    Starting Date: 2002

    Completion Date: 2003


    Project Description:


    Al-Hodaidah University Central Library reflects the contemporary vision of the Yemeni heritage in urban context through preserving the architectural and cultural traditions.

    The library was designed to reflect the character of Yemeni heritage while maintaining modern design, through embracing high-quality modern facilities, advanced communication systems, information networks and computers, taking into consideration aspects of national cultural and environmental aspects of the area.

    Located in the center of the university campus, and with a captivating sea view, this library consists of three floors, which includes a basement, a ground floor and a first floor, and through holding up to 1100 seats with 360,000 shelves for volumes and books, this creates a unique academic and research atmosphere for the teachers, academics and students.



    Damascus University Central Library


    Client: Damascus University

    Location: Damascus - Syria

    Services Provided: Design

    Total Built-up Area: 22,200m2

    Construction Cost: US $ 8,570,000

    Starting Date: 2003

    Completion Date: 2004


    Project Description:


    The Damascus University Central Library design represents a contemporary expression of local heritage that can be seen in the Hamidiya Bazaar in the city centre and the Damascus Citadel, as to be a vivid example that reflects the heritage of the ancient city of Damascus, and use of latest electromechanical technology and systems, thus expressing a distinct vision and model for modern central libraries.

    Overlooking the main branch of Barada River, the library is located within the premises of one of the oldest and deeply rooted Arab universities in the region, with a design that enables it to shelf 500,000 different books and volumes and serves 3000 scholars in its building.



    Al-Fateh University Central Library


    Client: Al-Fateh University

    Location: Tripoli - Libya

    Services Provided: Design Competition

    Total Built-up Area: 20,000 m2

    Construction Cost: US $ 11,400,000

    Starting Date: 2004

    Completion Date: 2004


    Project Description:


    The design of Al-Fateh University Central Library was inspired through a contemporary intellectual heritage, which keeps pace with the requirements of modern technology in terms of architectural composition and in terms of dealing with the urban and environmental fabric.

    The library is comprised of the main court surrounded by four halls that contain shelves for specialized books, along with a lecture room, an internet hall and an open theatre, in addition to the social yard that connects the library with the administration building.

    Located in the centre of the University campus, the location offers flexibility, accessibility, variety, and comfort, as it is designed to provide educational activities, up-to-date technology along with local and international information networks, in order to fulfil the library's needs while preserving the traditional intellectual thoughts and environment.



    King Abdulaziz Public Library Proposal


    Client: Saudi Ogeh

    Location: Al-Riyadh - Saudi Arabia

    Services Provided: Design Competition

    Total Built-up Area: 26,000 m2

    Construction Cost: US $ 40,000,000

    Starting Date: 2006

    Completion Date: 2006



    Project Description:


    The design of King Abdulaziz Public Library came with its own character which combines traditional architecture of the city of Riyadh with the use of modern technology that is able to reinterpret local themes and materials within it.

    Intended to house all information technology systems to serve as a knowledge centre storing bibliographical and audio visual materials, as well as electronic information, King Abdulaziz Public Library was designed in an intelligent and complimentary architectural manner through deep understanding of the needs and ideas of the project, while being equipped with valuable facilities and functions required in the present and are capable of incorporating future developments in the field of information technology.



    Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Academy for Islamic Education


    Client: Dubai Properties

    Location: Dubai – United Arab Emirates

    Services Provided: Design Competition

    Total Built-up Area: 50,000m2

    Construction Cost: US $ 70,000,000

    Starting Date: 2006

    Completion Date: 2006


    Project Description:


    Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Academy for Islamic Education was inspired with the concept of knowledge based upon the two fundamental principles of unity and hierarchy, and enhancing a self-driven quality of learning by providing open spaces and contact with the vibrant elements of nature in an ecological symbiosis.

    The design uniqueness stems from the two main spines adjoining the faculties, which emerge from the mosque and follow the sacred axis of the Qibla on one hand and the urban context on another. Consisting of two departments; the Department of Islamic studies and the Department of Law, the Academy’s faculties grow to embrace a system of informal learning spaces defining itself through the multitude of activities such as worship, communication and learning.



    Thamar University – Faculty of Veterinary & Veterinary Hospital


    Client: Thamar University

    Location: Thamar City - Yemen

    Services Provided: Redesign and Supervision

    Total Built-up Area: 45,000 m2

    Construction Cost: US $ 33,000,000

    Starting Date: 2007 Redesign - 2010 Supervision

    Completion Date: 2008 Redesign - Ongoing Supervision


    Project Description:


    Thamar University Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Veterinary Hospital.

    Livestock is a major economic source in the Yemen Society, Yemeni Government plans objectives to uplift the standard of living and the light against poverty by strengthen livestock role in the local economy by increasing the volume and quality of Livestock and provision of health care for the livestock, particularly the camels, the faculty of veterinary and the veterinary Hospital are established based on these objectives in Thamar University in the mid of the rich rural side in Yemen.

    Faculty of Veterinary Medicine:

    The Faculty building consists of three floors including: Dean, Administration and faculty offices lectures and teaching rooms, Library, Meeting rooms, Veterinary labs, Computer Lab and cafeterias as well as the other facilities and services.

    Veterinary Hospital Building:

    The Building consists of two floors including: Administrative affairs, Professors offices, Pabx room, Museum, Classrooms, Store labs, Teaching labs, Pathology lab, Animals labs, Pollination rooms, Stores, Obstruction rooms, Doctor rooms, Labours rooms, Control rooms, Examination rooms, Preparing rooms, Operation theatres, Sterilizing, clean utilities, Dirty utilities, Recovery rooms, Waste rooms, Stores, Cafeterias and Restrooms as well as the other facilities and services.



    German Jordanian University


    Client: Government of Germany and Government of Jordan

    Location: Madaba - Jordan

    Services Provided: Master Plan, Infrastructure Design & Design of Phase One Buildings

    Total Built-up Area: 65,000m2

    Site Area:112,000m2

    Construction Cost: US $ 97,000,000

    Starting Date: 2007

    Completion Date: 2008


    Project Description:


    The concept was generated from combining two cultures in one urban context; giving the German Jordanian University a unique contemporary architectural design, thus adding a significant landmark to the city of Madaba.

    This approach inspired a design based on Interactive Duality, between the Jordanian and German cultures within this academic and cultural urban institution, which consists of various buildings, courts, and halls reflecting its continuous evolution and growth.

    Hence, the urban planning of the University came within the concepts of sustainable architecture and conserving the environment. Furthermore, the orientation of the colleges gave them privacy and their distinct identity.



    The National Research Center for Giftedness and Creativity


    Client: King Faisal University

    Location: Al-Ahsa – Saudi Arabia

    Services Provided: Design Competition, Design

    Total Built-up Area: 10,600 m2

    Steel Structure Shell Dome: 8300 m2

    Construction Cost: US $ 48,000,000

    Starting Date: 2011

    Completion Date: 2013



    Project Description:


    The National Research Center for Giftedness and Creativity design derived excellence and perfection from the site components and its surroundings, considering the environmental impact, human brain capabilities while combining the formation and appearance of the traditional and historical Arab cities. Consisting of two parts; the Center for Giftedness and Creativity and King Faisal Institution for Researches and Consultation. The National Research Center for Giftedness and Creativity in Al-Ahsa will definitely add a unique enjoyable educational experience to its users, in addition to its role in the university and community, though obtaining a creative appearance that would speak of its own content for years to come.