Creating outstanding hospitality projects that serve different communities and environments by working with Clients and operators along with manufacturers and suppliers to achieve business goals while maintaining budget limits, DAR AL OMRAN’s designers produced several efficient designs and systems for hospitality projects regionally and internationally including Movenpick, Hyatt, Intercontinental and Rotana.

Hotels shape a memorable experience for travellers of all ages and different backgrounds; they are considered a place for luxurious living whether it is for business or pleasure, social or entertainment purposes as they create an enjoyable stay with access to several pleasure facilities that are specifically designed to meet visitors and guests’ needs and desires.





    Nabataean Castle Hotel

    138 rooms


    Client: Nabataean Hotels Company

    Location: Petra - Jordan

    Services Provided: Design & Supervision

    Total Built-up Area: 15,000 m2

    Construction Cost: US $ 7,500,000

    Starting Date:1992 Design - 1993 Supervision

    Completion Date:1994 Design - 1997 Supervision



    Project Description:


    Inspired by the local Nabatean tradition infused with regional design concepts, the five-star Nabatean Castle Hotel overlooks the enchanting mountains of Petra and is terraced as a mirror to the mountain's terrain, creating a resort type hotel.

    Consisting of courtyards, with stone carvings, intricate metal and wood details, and decorative floors and ceilings, introduces a distinct atmosphere, the Hotel is formed to replicate an elevated castle built on stoned terraces and several interconnected building blocks with 138 guest rooms as well as recreation facilities such as a swimming pool, a health club, sports courts, a meeting room and a multipurpose hall.



    Movenpick Hotel

    (153 rooms)


    Client: LEVANT Hotels & Tourism Company

    Location: Petra - Jordan

    Services Provided: Design & Supervision

    Total Built-up Area: 16,700 m2

    Construction Cost: US $ 10,000,000

    Starting Date: 1993 Design - 1993 Supervision

    Completion Date: 1993 Design - 1995 Supervision


    Project Description:


    Reflecting the traits of the great palaces and Khans of the Arab region, the architectural features of Movenpick Petra use simple decorative stone façades, wooden screens, metal works, and delicate marble patterns. This Hotel, located at the entrance of the archaeological site of Petra, relates to the urban structure of Wadi Musa in scale and articulation.

    This four-star hotel consists of seven floors and 153 guest rooms, in addition to having recreational facilities such as swimming pools, retail shops, dining facilities and a business centre. The Hotel is built to house a beautiful space for visitors to enjoy the view, providing them with a sense of serenity through grouping its functions around a large atrium.



    Dead Sea Oasis Spa

    (150 rooms)


    Client: The Jordanian Spa Company

    Location: Dead Sea - Jordan

    Services Provided: Concept Design

    Total Built-up Area: 15,000 m2

    Construction Cost: US $ 6,000,000

    Starting Date: 1996

    Completion Date: 1997


    Project Description:


    A four-star resort hotel located on a sloping site and consisting of 110 guest rooms, the project is divided into four main zones: 1) entrance plaza and visitors parking zone; 2) the main three stories curved building, including 150 rooms, 350 sq. m., ballroom, cocktail lounge and restaurant as well as basement services; 3) 60 chalets grouped in two curved rows; 4) the large beach zone which consists of recreational and medical facilities including a restaurant, swimming pools, Turkish bath, shops, cafes, clinics and three separate solariums for males, females, and children. Extensive landscaping includes a central canal and lush vegetation.



    Abdoun Hotel

    (158 rooms)


    Client: Al Wadi Company for Hotels & Investment Co.

    Location: Amman - Jordan

    Services Provided: Concept Design & Schematic

    Total Built-up Area: 31,700 m2

    Construction Cost: US $ 25,000,000

    Starting Date: 1996

    Completion Date: 1997


    Project Description:


    A five star hotel located in the Abdoun suburb of West Amman. It consists of a six-storey building including: 1) two basements for back of the house services as well as parking garage for 100 cars, a ballroom for 240 people, and nine cinemas. 2) a ground floor for public functions such as reception areas, cocktail lounge, restaurant, and retail shops. 3) first, second and third floors include 158 bedrooms. The various functions of this hotel are grouped around two courtyards, one act as a drop of plaza, and the other is used as an extension of public functions on the ground floor. The architectural image is derived from traditional sources of masonry architecture in the region, while relation to the contemporary context.



    Bethlehem Housing Complex


    Client: Association of Bethlehem University

    Location: Bethlehem

    Services Provided: Design

    Total Built-up Area: 35,000m2

    Construction Cost: US $ 22,000,000

    Starting Date: 1997

    Completion Date: 1997


    Project Description:


    A five-star hotel located within a historic setting in the Palestinian city of Bethlehem, it includes an existing building, which will be restored and used for guests together with a five-storey building consisting of: a basement with back of the house services, and a health center serving hotel residents and the general public; a ground floor including several recreational and entertainment facilities, restaurants, a coffee shop and a mall containing several retail units; and three upper floors containing 240 guest rooms. The architectural image is derived from the long established local traditions with courtyards, stone cladding, pitched roofs and arched openings.



    Dubai Creek Hotel

    (400 rooms)


    Client: Municipality of Dubai

    Location: Dubai - United Arab Emirates

    Services Provided: Design Competition

    Total Built-up Area: 40,000 m2

    Construction Cost: US $ 50,000,000

    Starting Date: 1998

    Completion Date: 1999


    Project Description:


    A mega super-luxury six-star hotel, located in a prime site overlooking the Dubai Creek and close to the golf course. It consists of two high-rise blocks 18 stories each, connected through bridges over a large water canal. The project includes 400 bedrooms, a ballroom for 1,500, a retail complex, a fitness center and several chain restaurants open into a landscaped atrium used as a food court, with feature vertical circulation elements. A pool deck is partially covered with a tensile structure, and connected to the ballroom terrace via an open bridge. The project's image displays an innovative use of glass and steel, which together with the bold forms of the towers, provides a landmark statement for this part of Dubai.



    African Unity Summit Hotel Complex

    140 Suites (70 presidential 70 ministerial)


    Client: Public Housing Committee

    Location: Sert - Libya

    Services Provided: Design Competition

    Total Built-up Area: 140,200 m2

    Construction Cost: US $ 100,000,000

    Starting Date: 1999

    Completion Date: 1999




    Project Description:


    The project is intended to accommodate the summit for African unity 2001. Four alternatives were prepared to achieve the most efficient and luxurious solution with the most convenient presidential services. The project consists of 70 presidential suites, 70 ministerial suites, multi-purpose hall for 3000 visitors, restaurant, cafe', and administration offices. Extensive landscaping including lush vegetation and water features enhance the relationships between the different buildings and provide an oasis like setting. The project's image displays the architectural heritage, and expresses the values of the power, unity, equity, and justice, which also reflecting a clear understanding to the characteristics of the old Arab city.


  • 1999-AL-GUSHI SPA

    Al-Gushi Spa

    (130 rooms)


    Client: Almanaba Co. for Touristic Services

    Location: Misratah - Libya

    Services Provided: Design

    Total Built-up Area: 50,600 m2

    Construction Cost: US $ 42,000,000

    Starting Date: 1999

    Completion Date: 2000


    Project Description:


    Inspired by the contemporary traditional architecture of the region, Al-Gushi Spa in Libya is a one-stop destination for relaxation and luxury. Built on 75 hectares of land and surrounded by green spaces, palm and olive trees surrounding the sulphur and mineral water wells located within the site.

    Al-Gushi Spa consists of therapeutic and diagnostic clinics, a four-star hotel comprising of 130 rooms. And also 40 blocks of three different types of bungalows. Furthermore; as part of the overall experience, people can enjoy other activities at the entertainment centre, along with swimming pools and shopping centres.



    Al Manshar Rotana Hotel

    (200 Rooms)


    Client: Tamdeen Real Estate Company

    Location: Feheheel - Kuwait

    Services Provided: Design & Supervision

    Total Built-up Area: 30,000 m2

    Construction Cost: US $ 40,000,000

    Starting Date: 2003 Design - 2005 Supervision

    Completion Date: 2004 Design - 2007 Supervision


    Project Description:


    Al-Manshar Rotana Hotel stands as a prominent architectural building that is a part of the commercial endeavour of the Feheheel Waterfront. Representing an important element in the urban and commercial setting, the design reflects a combination between traditional architectural in a contemporary representation.

    This 5-star hotel consists of 200 guest rooms, with a total of 17 floors, and a basement which holds the back of house services, the ground floor consists of the lobby and reception, the mezzanine of the all-day dining along with meeting rooms that can be combined into one big hall. Moreover; the first floors a banking establishment and a café. The remaining floors consist of the guest rooms, and the last floor of the health club and a swimming pool on the roof.



    Jebel Hafeet


    Client: Al-Dar

    Location: Al Ain - United Arab Emirates

    Services Provided: Concept Design

    Total Built-up Area: 120,000 m²

    Construction Cost: US $ 150,000,000

    Starting Date: 2005

    Completion Date: 2005


    Project Description:


    The design concept of Jebel Hafeet was inspired by the surrounding nature of Hafeet Mountain in Al Ain city, where the building is located at the summit making it a landmark for it to be seen from as far as the surrounding landscape allows.

    This high-tech iconic building is surrounded by steps leading to the ground floor and the lobby opening its arms towards the western valley, to accomplish the highest levels of urban interaction, moreover; the entire lower part of the building is built with blocks giving it a traditional feel, while the tower embraces the water cascading downhill creating a flourishing and vibrant valley, thus challenging gravity, and playing physical and aesthetic senses.



    Rotana Hotel

    150 rooms


    Client: Rotana Hotel

    Location: Beirut - Lebanon

    Services Provided: Architectural Concept

    Total Built-up Area: 40,000 m2

    Construction Cost: US $ 50,000,000

    Starting Date: 2005

    Completion Date: 2005



    Aziziyeh Hotel

    150 rooms


    Client: Tareq Assas

    Location: Makkah - Saudi Arabia

    Services Provided: Design

    Total Built-up Area: 19,000 m2

    Construction Cost: US $ 18,000,000

    Starting Date: 2005

    Completion Date: 2006


    Project Description:


    Located in the fast developing area of Aziziyeh- Makkah, this 4-star hotel of 27 floors comprises 230 rooms, parking and service areas in the basements, while the hotel restaurant, reception at ground floor. The café is located in the mezzanine floor. The 5th to 23rd floor houses the various hotel rooms. The plan displays central atrium of multi levels with panoramic elevators, further accentuated by the transparency of the extensive glazing on its facades. A unique fusion of the traditional architectural characteristics with the use of modern materials and technology is prominent in various visual layers, drawing on a prominent architectural theme with an inspiring flair.



    Marina Boathouse Project


    Client: Private Department for Sheikh Mohammad Bin Khalid Al-Nahyan

    Location: Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates

    Services provided: Design Competition

    Total built-up area: 84,420m2

    Construction cost: US $150,000,000

    Starting Date: 2008

    Completion Date: 2008


    Project Description:


    The Marina Boathouse design competition provided a design that emerged from creating a unique environment that combines the secrets of the sea with the mysteries of the desert in an outstanding and mesmerizing contemporary style through the use of modern technology, water elements and landscapes that blend in with the general formation of the project. The boat marina, aquarium and the underwater glass front with the beautiful fountains, along with the Glass Bridge and swimming pools on the roof, portray the sea aspect of the project, while the 5-star hotel along with a mall, a shopping centre, residential flats, restaurants and external plazas represent the desert aspect.



    Intercontinental Renovation

    125 rooms


    Client: Intercontinental  Hotel

    Location: Riyadh - Saudi Arabia

    Services Provided: Interior Design, Renovation & Supervision

    Total Built-up Area: 10,000 m2

    Construction Cost: US $ 18,000,000

    Starting Date: 2009 Design - 2011 Supervision

    Completion Date: 2009 Design - 2012 Supervision



    Project Description:


    The InterContinental Riyadh is leading Five Star Hotel in the city and has been so from its beginning in 1975. In keeping with its image and in consideration of new facilities being planned in the city. It is the hotel’s intention to continue its ongoing renovation projects to maintain and improve its status as the premier property in the city.

    The Hotel Management intends to carry out the renovation, which proposed to involve the following areas:

    -Conceptual changes and renovation of the Main Entrance Driveway

    -Conceptual changes and renovation of the Main Lobby, the Pavilion Restaurant, the Addiwan Lounge, the Shopping Arcade, the Executive Offices and the adjoining areas on the main lobby level.

    -Conceptual changes, extension of building and renovation of the Meeting Rooms and the Oasis Restaurant and all adjoining areas in the lower lobby of the hotel.



    Al Hidayah Pilgrim Residence


    Client: Naseel Trading Development Holding Company

    Location: Azizyah - Makkah - Saudi Arabia

    Services Provided: Design

    Total Built-up Area: 308,000 m2

    Construction Cost: US $ 392,000,000

    Starting Date: 2009

    Completion Date: 2010


    Project Description:


    The design reflects the urban heritage of Makkah Al-Mukkaramah in a contemporary approach; where the traditional elements are combined with modern materials and technologies. The complex is comprised of residential rectangular towers, ranging from 23 to 27 floors, and which are connected to the urban surroundings through the back roads and a group of passageways with a commercial approach, this high rise complex includes two basements and a parking space along with a podium of five floors with the ground floor containing the commercial part and the reception areas. The mezzanine includes the food court, shops, many restaurants and prayer areas.



    Al-Tayseer Pilgrim Residence

    5580 Rooms


    Client: Naseel Trading Development Holding Company - Riyadh

    Location: AL Qishlah / Makkah - Saudi Arabia

    Services Provided: Construction Documents Final Stage

    Total Built-up Area: 320,000 m2

    Construction Cost: US $ 365,000,000

    Starting Date: 2010

    Completion Date: 2010


    Project Description:


    The design reflects the urban heritage of Makkah Al-Mukkaramah in a contemporary approach; where the traditional elements are combined with modern materials and technologies. Located 1500 meters from Al Haram with 35 typical floors in each tower, with 3 basement floors, where two are for parking services, and the third is for services such as grey water treatment plant. The ground and mezzanine floors are where visitors are welcomed with a reception and a waiting area, several restaurants in the first floor, and praying halls in the third floor, whereas the remaining 30 floors include 5580 rooms and can hold up to 26280 guests.



    Mazzeh Rotana Hotel

    250 rooms


    Client: Cham Properties

    Location: Damascus - Syria

    Services Provided: Redesign of the Main Elevations

    Total Built-up Area: 53,000 m2

    Construction Cost: US $ 35,000,000

    Starting Date: 2010

    Completion Date: 2010


    Project Description:


    Mazza Rotana Hotel is one of the important hotels to be built in Damascus which has been asked by the owner to make changes to the architectural elevations of the project.

    the designer presented three proposals to meet the desire of the owner and all of these proposals were emulate local architecture in the city of Damascus. The colored stone base was used to reflect the vernacular architecture. To strengthen the elevations to be part of the entire architectural context we used the wooden Mashrabeyyah (Islamic element).

    The designer tried to keep the windows in its original shapes with minor modifications to meet the budget. In addition to that we used the balconies with metal handrail to add beauty to facades keeping in mind that we keep the main entrance as welcoming point.



    Hotel In Madinah



    Client: Baghlaf Al Zafer Holding Group

    Location : Al-Madinah Al-Munawarah - KSA

    Services Provided: Interior Design

    Total Built-up Area: 11,400 m2

    Construction Cost: US $ 6,081,000

    Starting Date : 2011

    Completion Date : 2011



    Project Description:


    The 400-bedroom hotel located in Al-Madinah Al-Munawara near Al-Haram consists of a ground floor; which includes a lobby area, a reception and multiple lounges, and a mezzanine floor comprised of the all-day dining with several seating areas, and ten typical floors with each floor consisting of 40 bedrooms.

    The interior design was approached with rich Islamic patterns, elements and details, along with the carefully selected materials, lighting fixtures, furniture, toilet accessories and fabrics, Al-Madinah hotel design was inspired from the Islamic architectural style seen in the image of the exterior façades of the hotel and its surroundings.






    Client: Ministry of Urban Planning and works

    Location: Ha'ill  - Saudi Arabia

    Services Provided:  Design Competition

    Total Built-up Area:35,000 m²

    Construction Cost:  US $ 35,000,000

    Starting Date:  2012

    Completion Date:  2012



    Project Description:


    The importance of these gates are upraised through the city’s prominent geographical location to the North West of Saudi Arabia, where Al-Madīnah Al-Munawarah is located to the South and Al-Qassim is located to the East, with a design approach that is effective and well balanced to express the importance of these gates to the city

    Ha'il city's Southern and Eastern entrance gates are inspired to improve and beautify the city portals through emphasizing their elements in giving a distinctive impression of the city inside from both entrances.






    Client: Ministry of Culture

    Location: Manama  - Al-Bahrain

    Services Provide: Design Competition

    Total Built-up Are: 45,000 m²

    Starting Date: 2012

    Completion Date: 2012


    Project Description:


    Bab Al Bahrain Square has gradually transformed into parking lots. However, due to the historical importance and its central location, it has potential of becoming a vibrant public square; located at the entrance of the Manama market it has the advantage of enhancing the feel of belonging within the urban context

    The proposed design for the competition enhances the urban, historical and functional values, through the revival of the relationship with the sea, where the design proposes a viable square that is linked to the changes in the patterns of life in the Arab world, in addition to providing practical solutions for traffic and car parking that can be located below the square, and through moving the existing post office building, and providing new activities within the square



  • 2012-PETRA GATE




    Client: Petra Development Tourism Region Authority

    Location: Petra - Jordan

    Services Provided: Design

    Total Built-up Area: 2,200 m²

    Construction Cost: US $ 17,400,000

    Starting Date: 2012

    Completion Date : 2012



    Project Description:


    In an attempt to create a defined entrance to Wadi Musa, the Petra Gate is inspired to resemble the outstanding frontage of the Siq in the archaeological site of Petra, so as to connect people coming from Amman and Aqaba to visit the beautiful area of Wadi Musa

    With a high-tech crossing bridge on Aqlaa Atwal Street, this project provides visitors and locals traveling to Wadi Musa with an astonishing overlooking view of the beautiful surrounding areas and enables the discovering of this ancient beauty.




    Intercontinental Hotel Riyadh - Lobby Renovation



    Location: Riyadh - KSA

    Client: Intercontinental Hotel Riyadh

    Plot Size: 5000 m2

    Built-Up Area: 7000 m2

    Construction Cost: 68,416,234 SR

    Starting Date: May 2010

    Completion Date: June 2012

    Services Provided: Supervision

    Market Sectors: Hospitality



    Project Description:


    The project is renovation works for main lobby as follows; Modification for meeting rooms, reception, business center, restaurants. Landscaping with water fountains, external façade and parking.