• Transport Infrastructure


DAR AL OMRAN is known  in  the field of sustainable transport systems to provide expert advice on a wide range of projects through planning , analyzing ,designing ,and supervising for a wide range of Clients . DAR AL OMRAN is proud to have a long and successful track record in.



• Waste Water


Equipped with the know- how which is enriched by our experience, we fervently contribute to the vital field of Wastewater Treatment and Effluent Reuse. This is an essential building block in sustainable development which we contribute to through designing and supervising different systems of Wastewater Treatment Plants in Jordan and abroad.



• Water Supply


DAR AL OMRAN has a vast working experience in the design and supervision of: Water supply systems Water Leakage Detection & Non-revenue Water Treatment & Desalination Storm water Drainage & Flood Protection Dams & Hydraulics Irrigation Systems The spectrum of our record in this field ranges from small-scale networks for residential areas to large-scale projects involving more complicated scenarios of demand, supply and topography.




• Wastewater Treatment Plant and Sludge Disposal

DAR AL OMRAN is known to provide expert advice on a wide range of projects through planning, analyzing, designing, and supervising for a wide range of Clients.