Prince Hasan Camp


    Location: Prince Hasan Camp, Jordan

    Client: Housing & Urban development Corporation

    Services Provided: Supervision

    Cost: 200,000 USD

    Starting Date:1999

    Completion Date: 2000



    Project Description:


    The project works included refurbishment and rehabilitation of existing roads (5500 sq. m total area) and construction of new roads (255 sq. m total area) as well as a 600m long storm drainage network, modification of streets, lighting and reconstruction of staircases for some units in the camp.


  • 2000 - SOUF CAMP

    Souf Camp


    Client: Housing & Urban Development Corporation

    Location: Souf Camp, Jordan

    Services Provided: Supervision

    Construction Cost: 3 million USD

    Starting Date: 2000

    Completion Date: 2001


    Project Description:


    The project works included upgrading of the existing infrastructure and construction of additional sanitary and wastewater networks as well as maintenance of existing roads, alleyways and streets inside and around the camp.



    Al Hadwa Development


    Client: Housing and Urban Development Corporation

    Location: Aqaba, jordan

    Services Provided: Design

    Cost: 860,000 USD

    Start Date:2000

    Completion Date:2001



    Project Description:


    The project comprises the preparation of designs required to execute the development of 130,000-m2 irregular Housing area in Hadwa. The infrastructure designs included Master planning, Roads, Sanitary Drainage networks, storm water drainage networks, electrical and communication networks



    King Hussein Bin Talal University


    Design, Construction,  Maintenance, Training, Operating, and Quality Control of the Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) of King Hussain Bin Talal University


    Client: King Hussin Bin Talal University

    Location: Ma’an, Jordan

    Services Provided: Construction Supervision

    Cost:13 million USD

    Starting Date: 2003

    Completion Date: 2005



    Project Description:



    The Project aims at treating the wastewater coming out from the University and utilize it in restricted irrigation according to the Jordanian Standards, and the disposal of the excess treated water in nearby wadis and streams.


    The Project involves the construction of the Maintenance and Control Building, Chemical and Biological Testing Labs, Lift Station of the treated water, sludge drying beds (capacity = 100 m3 each).



    Infrastructure of Abu Nusair - 3 Housing



    Client: Housing and Urban Development Corporation

    Location: Abu Nusair, Jordan

    Services Provided: Design

    Construction Cost : 1.4 million USD

    Starting Date: 2003

    Completion Date: 2004



    Project Description:


    The project area is approximately 155 donum. The works accomplished included the following: preparing the tender documents, preparing the site plan, performing the suNey works required for roads and footpaths, coordinating with the Water Authority of Jordan (WAJ) to connect the site with the water distribution and wastewater collection networks, preparing the bill of quantities for the whole work according to the specifications defined by the related Authorities, coordination with the Electricity Company as well as the Telecommunication company to provide these services to the project site, designing all roads, water supply and wastewater collection networks as well as storm water drainage facilities.



    Al Barari Development


    Client: Al Barari Firm Management

    Location: Dubai, UAE

    Services Provided: Architectural and Engineering Design

    Cost: 400 million USD

    Starting Date: 2006

    Completion Date: 2007



    Project Description:


    A Unique development in the United Arab Emirates, and Dubai land, by providing a mix of residential and retail developments in botanical landscaped garden setting.

    The vision for Al Barari Development is to create an oasis on the border of the Dubai desert.

    The site is approximately 3 kilometers in length, and can be denied as follows:

    - Lifestyle Residential 28000 m2

    - Lifestyle Falcon Apartments 80128 m2

    - Lifestyle hotel Rooms 6689 m2

    - Lifestyle Restaurants 10219 m2

    - Lifestyle Retail Studios 15329 m2

    - Lifestyle Commercial 30658 m2

    - Business Centre 32980 m2

    - Boutique Hotel and chalet 60000 m2



    The Project also involves the detailed design of various infrastructure networks (i.e., water supply, sanitary, storm water drainage, roads, telecommunications, irrigation networks etc.).



    Queen Alia Airport Taxiway & Infra.


    Taxiway & Incorporated Infrastructure at Queen Alia International Airport


    Client: Jordan Armed Forces - Royal Jordanian Air Force

    Location: Queen Alia International Airport, Jordan

    Services Provided: Detailed Design & Tender Documents.

    Cost: 7.2 million USD

    Starting Date: 2006

    Completion Date: 2007



    Project Description:


    The Project aims at the development of an industrial complex for building and maintaining aircrafts. One major component of the infrastructure is a 1200 m taxiway with 500 m links, 2700 service road, airfield lighting, security fence, and Infrastructure (fresh water, waste water, telecommunication & electricity) for the complex.






    Client: Board of Development of Administrative Centers

    Location: Libya - Al Fateh / Naser University

    Services Provided: Master Planning

    Start Date: 2006

    Completion Date: 2007



    Project Description


    The Project involves the development of a new Masterplan for the existing Al Fateh / Naser University in Tripoli / Libya, giving consideration for the general situation of the existing architectural features and elements in addition to the infrastructure networks located within the boundaries of the University. The networks mainly include wastewater drainage, water supply, and storm water drainage. The Project requires the design of new networks for the area to be developed within the University boundaries, in addition to commenting upon the existing situation with provision of recommendations and alternatives where necessary.

    Al Fateh University area = 300 ha

    Naser University area = 100 ha



    King Hussein Medical city


    Client: Directorate of Housing Establishment & military Works

    Location: Amman, Jordan

    Services Provided: Master Planning

    Starting Date: 2014

    Completion Date: 2015



    Project Description


    The project's site is located in the northwestern part of the city of Amman; King Hussein Medical City represents the most important military hospital complexes in the Kingdom as it offers its services to all military beneficiaries of these services and transfer cases from public hospitals throughout the Kingdom. Its staff includes a large number of specialists, nurses and administrators, and grant degrees of competence in medicine for most disciplines, as it is equipped with medical contracts with leading international medical institutions worldwide. KHMC Conducted the first organ transplant operations in the Middle East, it recorded a heart transplant in the early eighties of the last century, as it was at the time confined to medically advanced countries.


    The project to develop King Hussein Medical City site (about 774'000 m²) and the preparation of a master plan for the next fifty years to come will benefit from lessons learned of best practices in the medical planning to guide the development of the site and its design elements, such as the connections between different medical, administrative and educational zones and all other elements of the site to ensure the continuation of its functional relationships, to find solutions for the current pressure on medical facilities by accommodating modern technology in surgical procedures, clinics and specialized centers, and accounting for site linkages with the surroundings physically, visually and functionally.


    The importance of this project stems from highlighting the value of the site as the most vital medical site in the city of Amman, and the need to keep pace with medical advances globally in order to be a leader in the region as it has been always, and to sustain it for the next fifty years.


    German Jordanian University


    German Jordanian University - Master plan, Infrastructure Design, and Design of Phase One Buildings


    Client: German Jordanian University

    Location: Amman Governorate

    Services Provided: Detailed Design

    Starting Date: 2007

    Completion Date: 2008



    Project Description


    Development of Master Plan and Detailed Design of infrastructure utilities for the University Campus to include:

    - Road design and traffic studies

    - Water supply system composed of elevated tank and network

    - Irrigation system composed of treated water storage tank, irrigation pumping station, irrigation network of drip and sprinkler systems for green areas in the University

    - Storm water system

    - Sewer networks

    - Electrical networks


    Waste water treatment plant of capacity 1,200m3/ day (peak flow), using (extended aeration process) and includes the following components:

    - Lifting station.

    - Equalization tank.

    - Biological reactor.

    - Clarifiers.

    - Tertiary treatment system.

    - Sludge treatment.

    - Disinfection.

    - Storage tank.

    - Pumping station

    - Water reuse system

    Project area = 112 donum





    Client: Hadramout Governorate

    Location: Al Shihir, Yemen

    Services Provided: Design, Master Planning, Tender Documents, Tendering Services, Construction Supervision

    Start Date: 2012

    Completion Date: 2012


    Project Description


    Sustainable Planning & Design of Al Shihir Fishing Harbor


    Shihir town is considered one of the main fish landing areas in Yemen. In 2003-2007 the government of Hadramout constructed the first stage of Al Shihir Fishing Harbour in order to enhance the local economy of the town especially fishermen.


    The consultancy services encompass number of challenging features; it covered comprehensive Sustainable practice covering the integrated components of Master planning, Marine Works, Infrastructure and Architectural design in a Marine environment, where a lot of opportunities and constrains exist strongly.

    - Clarifiers.

    - Tertiary treatment system.

    - Sludge treatment.

    - Disinfection.

    - Storage tank.

    - Pumping station

    - Water reuse system

    Project area = 112 donum